4 Key Tips When working with your Foil Applicator Machines: 

  1. You must use a Monochrome toner laser printer (well you don' have to but the foiled result is much more solid.) 
  2. Print on very high-quality semi-smooth cardstock for best results (or use the First Edition or Minc card stock) 
  3. Use a heavy and high-quality brand of foil (Minc, TrimCraft First Edition, But Also Deco Foil From Thermo Web have the best result for us) 
  4. If you don't always have access to the correct printer, use the First Edition foil applicator foam sheets or full colour printed sheets from the Minc and die-cut or punch shapes and designs out, then foil those:-) Or get some of the Minc pre-printed designs is gorgeous too.