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The Cricut Joy Introduction Part 1

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 10:38 AM

Hi there, my name is Jenna-Leigh and I would like to welcome all you creative crafters on my journey in discovering all the wonderful machines and tools we supply and sell here @Doodles-Café. Together we will get to know all the different machines we have to offer and what they can and can’t do.

In this blog we will be discovering all he wonderful capabilities and features of the Cricut Joy.


Do you have a Cricut Joy? Thinking of gifting someone with this adorable cutie? Or thinking of purchasing one for yourself? You have come to the right place. As the saying goes dynamite comes in small packages and that is very true to this little cutie. Weighing in at only 1.75 kg, this smart little cutting and writing machine makes it easy to personalize almost anything.

First things first, what's in the box that you would need to get started:

Cricut Joy machine 

Blade + Housing** 

Fine Point Pen, Black (0.4 mm)** 

StandardGrip Mat, 4.5" x 6.5" (11.4 cm x 16.5 cm)** 

Welcome Card 

Power Adapter 

Free trial membership to Cricut Access™ (for new subscribers)

50 ready-to-make projects online 

Materials for a practice cut 

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Design Space® software for iOS, Android™, Windows®, and Mac®


What you would need?

High Speed Internet Connection

Compatible Computer/ Mobile Device

Your Cricut Joy cutie machine comes with everything you need to get started. You will even create a simple sticker at the end of the new machine setup process.

Now that you have taken everything out of the box. Lets get you started with the setup.

First, let’s setup the machine:

  • Plug in the machine to power it on.
  • Go to https://design.cricut.com/#/setup
  • Select Cricut Joy
  • Follow the prompts to set up your machine. One of those steps will be to download the Cricut Design Space App. You will have access to nearly 130,000 images and ready-to-make projects in Design Space.
  • Connect Cricut Joy to your computer or mobile device by pairing it via Bluetooth.


Now that your set up, lets get your Bluetooth set up:

Open Settings > Bluetooth in your Android device. 

If your Bluetooth is off, tap it to turn it on. 

Tap the gear icon next to your Cricut machine displayed in the list.

The Cricut Joy uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer, phone, iPad or tablet. You create your designs and projects in the easy-to-use Design Space software, then send them to the machine.

The Joy has a small blade that cuts paper, vinyl and other materials according to the design you sent to it. The blade can also be switched out for a pen or marker to write or draw on various materials.

Now you may be asking where I will get everything I need to get my craft on. No need to look or worry about that we got you. Click Here to take you to items we have in stock and that we would be able to get for you. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed not know where to start or what to do?

Just ask yourself the question.... "What do i want to do/create first". Once you have figured out what your need is, go from there.

We have a wide variety of cricut specific materials and other makes/brands that are compatible and usable on the Cricut Joy. People have the perception that you must use only cricut materials, this is not true, it's purely a suggestion.....you can use what works best for you.


What can the Cricut Joy do?

  • Draws any shape and writes in a variety of styles 
  • Cuts individual shapes up to 4 ft long or makes repeated cuts up to 20 ft long 
  • Fits in a cubby, packs away easily, sets up instantly 
  • Cuts 50+ materials, including iron-on, cardstock, vinyl, paper, and Cricut Smart Materials™
  • Cricut Smart Materials do not require a cutting mat and cut continious designs in longer lengths. Smart vinyl is available in short and long rolls in a huge variety of colors, finishes and patterns. You'll also see that Smart vinyl comes in permanent, removable, writeable and iron-on types. They're all made for the exact width of the Cricut Joy and you can do matless cutting with all of them!

What pens can be used with Cricut Joy?

Cricut Joy Pens (no surprise there!)

Sharpie Fine Point

Sharpie Paint Pen

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens

You're asking what blades can one use?

This one is easy, there's only one blade for Cricut Joy! Your machine comes with a Cricut Joy fine point blade. You can also buy replacement blades as well as a replacement housing.


Below is a list with the most popular materials and what kind of mat or accessory to use with them:

Smart vinyl, all types - No mat needed

Adhesive vinyl - StandardGrip mat

Iron-on vinyl - StandardGrip mat

Cardstock, lightweight - LightGrip mat

Cardstock, medium - StandardGrip mat

Cardstock, heavy - StandardGrip mat

Paper, construction - LightGrip mat

Paper, copy - LightGrip mat

Poster board - LightGrip mat

Party foil - LightGrip mat

Window cling - LightGrip mat

Vellum - LightGrip mat

Freezer paper - LightGrip mat

Wrapping paper - LightGrip mat

I hope this article has given you more insight into what this machines capabilities are and some tips and tricks along the way.

Until next time;

Doodles Love; Jenna

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