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KCraft - Quilling Grid Guide

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  • The Quilling Grid Guide is a useful tool that allows us to create concentric circles, which means exact symmetry in all geometrical shapes and therefore achieve absolute uniform and precision in putting our shapes together.

    It’s one of the most basic quilling tools and consists of the “Grid” guide which has small 5mm squares per cm (2 small squares on each cm) designed on it. By using the centre of the designed grid and “pressing” over the concentric circles, you can assemble your shapes accurately by piercing them on the corkboard to hold the gluing spot steady.

    This tool is also ideal for free shapes creation as the back side of the Guide can be used as a base for assembling your creations. Its surface is suitable for placing shapes before gluing them together, as long as the protective gelatin protects the cork from the glue. 
    We advise that you keep the nylon packaging on the product to help the tool last longer.

    The Quilling Grid Guide consists of:
    • The Guide (concentric circles design)
    • The cork (as a base for assembly)
    • 5 pins
    • The protective gelatin

    After intensive use of the tool, there is a chance that the nylon and the inner paper will be worn out, while the cork will be kept is good shape. In this case, our Company will replace your protective gelatin and the Guide (paper with design) at a minimum cost. All you need to do is contact us and we will accommodate you immediately.