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Kraft-tex - Lucy's 3-in-1 kraft-tex Bag Pattern


Mix and match your bands to customize your look and use. Small and medium bags use the same size band. 

Experiment with kraft-tex, a popular new substrate that all accessory sewists are talking about! 

Carry heavy loads without tearing. 

Unique band construction is both lightweight and study. 

Finished medium bag size 15X9.5X7.75 inches. Large weekender bag 22X11.75X9.5 inches. Small bag 9X9.5X7.75 inches

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  • Stash Books-Lucy's 3-in-1 kraft-tex bag pattern. This versatile and stylish bag comes in three sizes: small, medium and large weekender perfect for those overnight trips (fits carry-on luggage requirements!) 

    Play with two different colors of kraft-tex and customize the interchangeable band with outside zipper pockets, inside passport pockets and even knitting needle holders! 

    Or add elastic straps and use the bag by items to carry your yoga mat or picnic blanket. 

    The clever zupper treatment allows each of the three bags to open wide, making findding your necessities a breeze. 

    Includes advice and tips on sewing and handling kraft-tex. 

    Finished medium bag measure 15X9.5X7.75 inches. Large weekender bag measures 22X11.75X9.5 inches. Small bag measures 9X9.5X7.75 inches.